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The Biggar Group Buyers’ Guarantee

When Dionne Warwick wrote ‘A House is Not a Home’ in 1964, the Biggar Group set out to prove her wrong, in Steveston anyways (even though half of us weren’t born yet).

At the Biggar Group, we truly believe in helping you find the Steveston property that will become your home, the place where you create memories and the place you always want to be.

We are confident in our ability to help you find just such a property and this is why we offer every purchase the Biggar Group Buyers’ Guarantee. Our Guarantee proposes that, if we sell you a home and you are not happy with it in the first 6 months, we will re-sell that home for you for FREE.

Have we been taken up on this offer? A couple of times – however, we have found the perfect home for hundreds of clients over the years because real estate is simply what we do.