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Tranquilli-T Program

In a time when Tina Turner is insuring her legs for $3.2 million and J-Lo $300 million for her derriere, we think it’s time for you to have some insurance on the Purchase or Sale of your Steveston home.

Whether you are buying or selling a Steveston home, certain unforeseen situations may arise including: financing withdrawal, job loss, separation, fire or a surveying problem. Such occurrences may delay or even cancel the purchase or sale of the home of your dreams. Rather than leaving you high and dry, the Biggar Group is excited to offer the RE/MAX Tranquili-T Program. The Tranquili-T Program is basically an insurance program for the Purchase or Sale process of your home. Under this program, you will receive coverage for the following:

* Coverage is valid after all of the conditions of offer to purchase have been met.

* If any of the previously mentioned situations should arise, any additional charges incurred over and above $300 are covered by the program for a period of 180 days, up to a maximum of $25,000.

* In the event of death of either the Buyer or his/her spouse, you will be protected and the transaction will be guaranteed. In fact, between the time when the conditions of the offer to purchase are met and the signing takes place, if the Estate no longer wants to buy the house, the agreed upon selling price is paid to you by the Program.

* Provides you will free legal consultation as well as legal coverage for any legal problems related to your transaction.

Please give us a call to find about more about this program and its benefits.